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May 20, 2006
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Snape is ... by criz Snape is ... by criz
not sure whether this even qualifies for 's "Character is" project [link]

I mean the first collum should be about "the character's name and role in society" and the "character’s IC reaction to common AU absurdities"

but frankly ... I'm not into the HP-verse for a long time, though of course I knew there were those books and some movies based off them, most things I knew where through artwork here on DA or on the internet in general
and because no one knows for sure whether Snape is evil or good or whatever (please don't use the comments do discuss this, the last thing this planet needs are yet more discussions about Snape's loyalty :paranoid:), there's a lot of potential for interpretation and thus stories ... however, is it just me or has Snape been paired up with pretty much any character in the books ?! :confused:

so, instead of drawing about his role in society, I thought I'd just take some of these sexual relationships fanfiction authors think he has and use them for the 'Snape is NOT's

The one about Hagrid is based off this deviation [link] by
drawn because Hagrid and snape Mpreg amuse her :giggle:

I just had to throw in Draco + bunny ears in the rabbithole, it's based on one of 's drawings, that she did to illustrate some badfic summaries

Characters © JKR

I hope I mentioned everything now ...

EDIT: of course I had to forget something :doh:
:thanks: thanks go to for making me aware of this project, by making 'Erik is' [link]
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mdizzle999872 Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
lol his face never changes
It doesn't want to fullview.... : (
ah yes, it was uploaded with a previous iteration of deviantart, just hit 'download' on the right  :)
BuckFan21 Nov 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
lol XD glad someone brought attention to this there's too many completely random crazy headcannons about snape. *casually adds this to my quiverus favorites group*
ObsydianIce Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
this may sound ridiculous.. but how do you get the full view?
back then it was supported by deviantart; nowadays you'll have to look for the 'download image' option on the right side
Ive heard all these except the hagrid one...xD where do people get that?!
the link is in the description ;)
they removed it X.X
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